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  Hey, there is nothing wrong with being an entertainment junkie. In fact, we think you should embrace it. That’s why we have developed a way for you freaky, geeky, kooky-cool lovers of all things drama, comedy, action, documentary, movies, and TV shows to get your fix anywhere, any time and with greater viewing options.  
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  Check it out ladies and gents -- behold TV Hook (cue dramatic angelic chorus and bright, heavenly spot light) it’s not a TV, it’s not a website, it’s your very own worldwide television station.  

TV Hook puts the cable or satellite package you’ve been paying out the proverbial wazoo for every month to shame. Come on – think about it – can your satellite or cable package offer this:
Over 2,200 programs from around the globe.
All your favorite TV channels right there on your computer, one click away.
Oh yeah, and did we mention - ZERO MONTHLY COSTS!

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Buy now!
  With TV Hook you can save more money while wasting more time.  
  It’s super easy!
Stuff that is hard totally sucks, so that’s why TV Hook is the opposite of hard. Just download the TV Hook and choose the TV channel you want to watch.

It looks really good!
Watch your favorite TV characters in high quality. All the better to see you with my dear.

Way better than channel surfing!
Channel surfing is lame, especially when there is nothing on. Well, with TV Hook there is always something on and now you can search by country, category, or search field.
  Be a control freak!
With TV Hook you can design your own TV, create your own favorite package, and choose the language you want to use.

Bother us anytime!
Even if you want to provide a cleaver idea for a great channel, we’ll thank you for it and take it into consideration. That’s what our 24/7 support is all about.

Free stuff!
Spending money is totally lame, so stop doing it! TV Hook gives free updates and new channels. So dig it dudes and dudettes, you can save the little money you do have! Or, you know, just spend it on something else.
  Don’t be lame – download TV Hook right now and instantly boost your entertainment options.  
Satellite / Cable TV  
More than 2200 channels
One time payment
  New Channels for FREE    
  Free program updates    
  You can watch TV wherever you are    
  Instaled in seconds    
  Get advantage from the low price!
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    Buy now!  
  Runs on Windows Platform –
Works smoothly on every PC running
any version of the Microsoft
Windows operating system including
Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

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